Gossip Girl is back in all her glory, but does she still have her Midas touch?

Alina Baraz delivers a glistening debut that provides fans with her most addicting project to date.

Album cover for It Was Divine

Anger Management proves that Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats have a chemistry that most artists and their producers could only dream of achieving.

Anger Management

Pop’s brightest star serves us her heart on a silver platter with her newest album — thank u, next.

Are women preparing to run music in 2019?

Dancing With a Stranger by Sam Smith (with Normani)

‘You’ is modern day television done right — creepily — but right nonetheless.

What is ‘You’ about?

Joji glides through an array of sounds with his shimmering debut album — Ballads 1.

Sophomore slump or comeback of the year? 6lack and Nao soar to new dimensions on their second full-length albums.

Cedeem Gumbs

College student obsessed with anime, music and all pop culture has to offer. IG: @cedeemgrande

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